Designed for energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance, vinyl are the most commonly used window type of window in North America, Vermillion Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of window shapes and style. Vermillion Windows offer a increased ventilation and superior energy efficiency, we offer a wide selection of window profile that can combined to create almost any configuration that the customer can think of.


  • Vermillion window profile is designed for the harsh North American climate a the multi chambered design introduces an inferior body strength and ultimate Thermal efficiency.

  • Triple weather-stripping, 2 on frame and 1 operating sash provides protection against air and water infiltration.

  • An American made Truth EncoreŽ hardware is used for superior opening strength, which also folds away neatly so it will not interfere with most window coverings. (Available either with wash-ability or egress hinges.)

  • An American made Truth MaximŽ Multi-Point locking system is used to ensure consistent seal from top to bottom and also adds ultimate security against forced entry.

  • Triple or Dual glazing available with a Super Spacer. Contact us and ask about a wide selection of glass options such as clear, low E, argon filled, tints, self-clean, and a wide selection of grill types, colors and patterns.

  • Select from our wide selection of new and renovation brick mould such as for a new construction 1 ˝" or 2" brick mould or for renovation a 1 ˝" or 2" brick mould.

casement window styles

casement window inside view
awning window outside open view
casement window outside open view
casement with arch-top inside view
casement window corner sample

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